Gifting My Top 9 Breast Cancer Gifts and Products

Gifting My Top 9 Breast Cancer Gifts and Products

top-breast-cancer-giftsDo you want to give back this Christmas. Well then, why not take a look at my top Breast Cancer Gifts and Products on Amazon & Ebay.

Beauty Products


Look beautiful whilst supporting a great cause. With some fabulous make up sets and beauty products.





Support a great cause and look stunning. Wide range of necklaces & bracelets available to show your support.


You will never buy a non Charity figurine again. Why would you when there are so many lovely ones being sold for Charity.… Keep Reading to learn more

10 Gift Solutions for Vampire Diaries Fans

Christmas Gifts for Vampire Diaries Fans


10 Xmas gift solutions for vampire diaries fans

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for Vampire Diaries fans. Then check out my 10 gift solutions for all fans. Whether they are team Damon or team Stefan. There really is a gift for everyone.

DVD’s or Blu Ray

The end is nigh with Season 8 now on TV.  So buy them fans a box set or two and then they can watch all the episodes over and over again.

Original Novels by L.J.

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13 Wicked Wedding Gifts for Vampire Brides pt.1.

Pt.One of My top 13 Wicked Wedding Gifts for Vampire Brides.


top 13 wicked wedding gifts for Vampire Brides part one,

Are you a  guest that has been invited to an alternative wedding. What do you give to the bride to be on her Vampire themed wedding day. Here is the first part of my favourite top 13 Wicked Wedding Gifts for Vampire Brides. [In no particular order] although I really love Ted the Impaler plush toy. All available on ebay today, but selling out fast.

  • Alchemy Gothic Bed of Blood Roses Pendant

Alchemy Gothic bed of blood roses pendant.Keep Reading to learn more

Cancel Christmas to save the next generation

Most expensive tree - a reason to cancel christmas

Cancel Christmas – my Top 10 ReasonConnies Eternal Gifts - Unique gift ideas for all occasions - never boring.s

I say Cancel Christmas to save the next generation.

Here are my Top 10 Reasons in no particular order.

  1. No Mum to share it with – Mum passed away in 2012
  2. Christmas has lost it’s true meaning
  3. Eating waay to much
  4. Being away from home – as a professional pet sitter, I often get bookings at this time of the year
  5. Loud children’s toys – drum kits anyone!
  6. Over the top Christmas decorating – so  much energy down the pan
  7. Charity ads for the starving before or after Christmas Lunch
  8. Revellers rolling home drunk at 3 in the morning
  9. Fireworks, before during and after the Festive period
  10. Ads for Summer Holidays before the main event has even started

Christmas at Easter well I never

I know, you are all screaming bah humbug at me.… Keep Reading to learn more

Top 12 best alcohol brands in miniature

Top 12 alcohol brands in miniature

My Top alcohol brands only smaller. Great brands in little sizes.

Are you looking for a unique alternative to the standard bottle of wine to give at Christmas? Unique wedding favours or a gift for Bride/Groom. Maybe you want the perfect housewarming gift for a best friend. Whatever the reason, may I suggest you stop and consider downsizing. I don’t mean your house. I mean the size of your alcohol. So many of the big brand names now produce beautifully packaged miniatures.


Top 12 Alcohol Brands – just smaller

Perfect gifts for everyone and all occasions.

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Is the Champagne Alzheimers research rubbish?

Champagne Alzheimers Research is it right?

Champagne Alzheimers Research article I when browsing on the internet although the article was published on the Evening Standard website in November 2015 I thought it was worth taking another look at it. The article is a commentary on the Champagne and Alzheimer’s research from Reading University. champagne alzheimers research right or wrong?

What do you think about their claims? Does drinking champagne help in the prevention of dementia & Alzheimer’s? Would drinking champagne help or hinder treatment of this dreadful disease?

Drinking Champagne a  good thing!

Can drinking 3 glasses of bubbly a week significantly help. It’s all down to a compound found in both Pinot noir and Pinot meunier.… Keep Reading to learn more

So what is Gothic Fashion? Hint, it’s not all about black!

Black Clothing what does it say about you?

so what is gothic fashion?

So what is Gothic Fashion, it’s not just about black!

Does just wearing Black & Medieval Attire make you a true follower of the Gothic way of life and it’ fashion? Firstly let me say that all my observations are from research on the net. Although I love black I have never followed this way of life. In the year 2016 more and more people are looking for ways to assert their individuality. This is not surprising as we become more and more regimented. Restricted in what we can say and do.… Keep Reading to learn more